Hello 2013

A new year always brings an opportunity for a fresh start. At Onion Insights, we have started this year by signing on as the Brand Showcase Partner for the Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) 2013. RLS 2013 will bring the thinkers and doers of the Indian Retail space on one platform. This is a part of our on-going support to the Retail Industry by sharing original ideas and practices on how Retailers can better their Customer’s Experience.

Another new start will be with our blog. We will be updating our blog more frequently than before by sharing our thoughts, pen our opinions and get your views – starting now. Of course, the core would revolve around Customer Experience.

This year our calendar too reflects on fresh starts. It focuses on 12 ways to refine and re-define your customer’s experience – one for every month. Overcoming challenges with innovation is what good business is all about and we hope that our 12 steps will help you provide a quality experience to your customers while boosting your bottom line. Here is a brief synopsis of the steps:

Step 1: Lead by example – Actions speak loudly. Make sure your actions reflect your views.
Step 2: Involve Your Customers – Ask the people to whom it matters to make your business matter.
Step 3: Engage Your Team – Involving people more means less contradictions to your views (devious isn’t it?!)
Step 4: Set Expectations – Written words create belief, and belief creates the product. Write. Believe. Act.
Step 5: Solicit Feedback – Ask and then ask again. Nicely.
Step 6: Be Customer Focussed – Processes, policies and thoughts should focus on customers. Tunnel vision helps.
Step 7: Provide Tools – Use technology. But don’t forget the Emotional Quotient.
Step 8: Empower Your Team – A “Yes, I can help” fixes customer complaints faster than “I will ask if I can…”.
Step 9: Measure What You Want Done – Galileo Galilei said, “Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.” It still works.
Step 10: Recognize Performance – Never forget praise, and make it loud!
Step 11: Say Thank You – To everyone you can think of!
Step 12: Have Fun – Smile, enjoy and spread the cheer… it brightens faces and workplaces!

As a special offering to all our readers, we have made our calendar images available to everyone in the form of wall papers for your deskptops, laptops, smart phones. Below are the links provided for the downloads!

Signing off and hope we have been able to kickstart 2013 on a colourful note for you! Happy New Year!

Check your screen resolution and click on the link to download wallpapers for each month.

1. Standard Square Monitor Wallpapers – Resolution 1024x 768
2. 13inch Macbook Pro – Resolution 1280 x 800
3. 15inch Standard LCD Square Monitors – Resolution 1280 x 1024
4. 11inch Macbook Air – Resolution 1366 x 768
5. 13inch Macbook Air / 15inch Macbook Pro – Resolution 1440 x 900
6. 20inch+ Widescreen Monitors – Resolution 1600 x 900
7. 21.5inch iMac / Full HD 1080p – Resolution 1920 x 1080
8. 15inch Macbrook Pro with Retina Display – 2880 x 1800
9. BlackBerry Curve
10. BlackBerry Torch Slider
11. BlackBerry Bold
12. iPad 2 / iPad Mini
13. iPad with Retina Display
14. iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4th Gen
15. iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 5th Gen
16. Samsung Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Note 2